Re-Models V1

So, lately I've been doing alot of re-models. I dont like building my own houses from scratch so I download other peoples lots from MTS2 and re-do them to suit me. Or sometimes I take some of the pre-made house's in the lots bin and re-do them too. Take a look a some of my work!

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For anyone whos interested..I know its been a while but I will put some more sims up soon. There was a problem last time I uploaded one of my sims, Candice, and I ended up losing her out of my game. So Ive been a bit apprehensive about doing it again. Also lifes been kinda busy...

Anyway if there is any sims you'd like me to upload, that you may off seen on MTS2 (I_Love_Simming) Then feel free to let me know.

Bye for now!