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Re-Models V1

So, lately I've been doing alot of re-models. I dont like building my own houses from scratch so I download other peoples lots from MTS2 and re-do them to suit me. Or sometimes I take some of the pre-made house's in the lots bin and re-do them too. Take a look a some of my work!

This is Seaside Chalet, downloaded from MTS2. With this I needed more space. This lot came with a basement aswell as two floors, but there wasn't enough bedroom space to suit me. I expanded it and added a driveway too. 

I liked to keep a beachy theme with the yellow and the brick edging around the driveway etc

On this rare occasion I actually took some inside shots too;

Living Room


Basement turned into indoor pool

Part of one of the bedrooms

Well thats it for the Seaside Chalet. I hope you like.


Next we have this,

Ive always loved this pre-made house in Bluewater Village. And I always wait to find a family I feel is right for it. Since re-starting my game 2 years ago, its took me a while but I have recently moved a family in. This time around, though, looking at the house, I thought it abit tacky. I wanted to re-doit  to make it abit better, but also keep the cute look I loved.

I also think this house has so much space inside to suit me already, there was no need to extend. 

As you can see I've kept the yellow and purple theme, only changing them to nicer shades. I thought the windows suited the house so kept them. Also added more outside plants and a little driveway on the side. Theres still alot of space on the other side, but i dont want the house bigger so I'll just keep it like that for now. Nice space for a wedding ;)

Up next we have this;

'spanish hacienda' from MTS2. I was not into the spanish hacienda theme AT ALL, but saw it as a good lot to work on. This is no offence to the creator by the way.

So I wanted to get rid of the whole spanish hacienda, and re-do it completely. I extended it, changed all the inside, changed all the windows and doors, changed the driveway...basically rebuilt it.

Very different! Unfortunatley I didn't picture the back or any of the inside, but there is alot more space now and I'm pretty pleased with it!


And last but not least...my most recent

This ugly pre-made lot was certainly a challenge. Heres's my result

Alot of change here! Completely re-built and changed the layout to the inside. This spacious lot now has a big kitchen, living area, dining room, study, and 4 bedrooms all with there own bathrooms. Just waiting for a family to move in now :)

And thats all for now! I'm sure I'll be back with more soon ;)
 Thanks for looking!

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